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With semi-custom, you are typically offered a range of styles, material and construction quality, wood species, color and special features/options.
These cabinets are built to order but are still limited to the array of options offered by the manufacturer.
Typically, more sizes are offered and in some cases - depending on the manufacturer - a custom size may be possible for an additional charge.
The advantages are that, with the help of our talented and knowledgeable designers you have a lot of control over the final product without the cost of custom made cabinetry, and the quality is often close  to the custom cabinets.
Unlike stock cabinets, a wide range of special features are also available, and the cost can be a fraction of custom made cabinets.
On the downside, they are substantially more expensive than stock cabinets, they can takes weeks to be delivered, because they are mass produced, attention to detail may not be the same as craftsman quality, custom made cabinets.


NKBA Evaluation

  • Advantages:  Fast delivery, Low cost, More flexible dimensions , Rigid structure, Extra detailing options and accessories.

  • Disadvantages: May or may not meet the design criteria, Colors, models and dimensions falls between the Stock and Custom cabinets.

  • Standard width: Start at 9" with 1" increments to 48"

  • Standard depth: Can be reduced or increased according to manufacturer guidelines.​​​​​​​​


Semi-Custom Cabinets


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Top Rated Business by HomeAdvisor