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Let Your Personality Shine Through and Create a Space that is Uniquely Yours:

Your home is a reflection of you. From the paint colors to the pictures on the wall, each space tells a story of the people who live there.  With renovation comes the opportunity to personalize it further, not only to repair and rejuvenate the structure, but to customize the characteristics according to your own distinctive taste.

You may be very clear on what you like or maybe just certain of what you do not. Some homeowners know exactly what they want for their room, while others feel overwhelmed by all the options, or daunted by putting it all together.
Do not dismay, though you may not realize, the inspiration is all around you.


Finding Inspiration.

Whether it is your kitchen, your bathroom, or another room in your home, the design of your cabinetry and accoutrements extends beyond basic functionality. The aesthetics – how your room will look and feel – feeds the soul. Maybe you feel most comfortable surrounding yourself in rich, warm colors. Perhaps crisp, clean minimalism brings inner calm.
Consider those things closest to you as a source of inspiration:


Your collections

Maybe you have objects that are special to you. There might be a painting whose colors are particularly pleasing, a sculpture or an artifact that inspires you, or nostalgic china. Any of these can act as a starting point.

Your wardrobe:

Fashion and design are closely linked. Peruse your closet; our clothing is a clear reflection of our taste and personality. Maybe the fabric from a dress, scarf, or pair of pants you love to wear will spark your creativity. There is such thing as tuxedo kitchens, which of course are designed to look and feel like the tailored, black and white garments which inspired them.

Your travels:

Some of our happiest moments are experienced when we are travelling. Mementos of our travels help us recapture that feeling of contentment and adventure. Perhaps a piece of Mexican pottery or an African mask will be a place to begin. Something as simple as a piece of beach glass or the color of a shell could be a springboard for planning.

Your hobbies:

Maybe you love to bake or are a connoisseur of French cuisine. Are classic cars your passion? Any and all hobbies evoke images of textures, colors, and styles. For example, if you are an avid gardener or nature-lover, perhaps you would like to bring the outdoors in. Selecting wooden cabinetry and other natural materials, along with textured elements, and soft greens or watery blues might appeal to you.


Know the most recognisable styles:

Putting a name to a look helps you describe the style you admire most.

  • Straight lines and clean angles characteristic, but gentle waves or arcs sometimes employed sparingly to add interest.

  • Smooth, flat unadorned surfaces.

  • Simple shapes and styles.

  • Neutral color palate sometimes punctuated with bold color.

  • Often frosted glass, high gloss materials, and white metals are design elements.

  • Slab doors selected for their simplicity.

  • Cabinet doors made of wood, painted materials, laminate, thermafoil, or frosted glass and aluminum.

  • No crown or light valance moldings, as a rule.

  • Surfaces are smooth, like fine furniture; texture is introduced through hand-carved features, as well as heavily profiled moldings and door styles.

  • Rounded design elements challenge clean lines for the limelight.

  • Color palates can be rich and warm or fresh and clean; both evoke comfort and elegance.

  • Both flat panel and raised panel door styles add character to a traditional space.

  • Arched profiling in doors is also appropriate.

  • Cabinet doors are made of wood and painted materials.

  • Highlighted by clear or specialty glass doors.

  • Decorative finishes such as chalking, glazing, and hand-rubbing are common.

  • More adornment – achieved through stacking layers of crown molding, adding light valance molding to the underside of wall cabinets, and employing carved elements such as corbels and appliques to add richness and interest.

  • A blend of traditional and contemporary features create a diverse, yet balanced space.

  • Rounded profiles juxtaposed with clean lines.

  • Textured and smooth surfaces unite.

  • Neutral, earthy color palate evokes comfort, simplicity, and sophistication.

  • Slab and flat panel door styles used on their own or together to create visual interest.

  • Any door material fits; wood, painted material, laminate, thermafoil, or metal all welcome here.

  • Crown used if one wishes, but kept simple.

Be familiar with other styles:

There are other beatiful styles out there:

  • Inspiration comes from colors, patterns, and styles of the world.

  • From the delicate fabrics of India to Mexico's painted pottery, the mosaics of Italy to the lacquered furniture pieces of Asia, French Baroque extravagance to the colours and textures of a Turkish rug, creativity is abundant.

  • Can be a blend of many cultures to create a well-traveled feel.

  • Color palates based on complementing collections of artwork and special pieces, or selecting hues that convey a particular country's personality.

  • Appropriate door styles and finishes range according to the look chosen.

Modern Country
  • A blending of country's comfort with contemporary trends.

  • Clean lines and simple shapes are punctuated by natural or old-world elements.

  • Mix and match old and new pieces.

  • Marry smooth surfaces with texture throughout the space.

  • Natural materials such as stone, wrought iron, burnished bronze, and wood lend comfort.

  • Stainless steel, angular hardware, and geometric patterns also have a place here.

  • Earthy neutrals, off whites, and warm greys are highlighted by subdued pops of color.

  • Flat panel cabinetry doors usually favored; the outside frame's profiling is juxtaposed with the unadorned, flat central panel.

  • Door materials often selected are wood and painted materials; decorative finishes such as chalking, glazing, or hand-rubbing used with restraint.

  • Sounds like what it is – all about luxury.

  • Glamor, sparkle, drama.

  • High contrast space, achieved through colors and textures.

  • Art Deco pieces are at home here.

  • Shiny and matte finishes marry.

  • Rich colors, such as jewel tones, employed along with black and white.

  • In-your-face style statement; bold and dramatic pieces.

  • Flat panel, raised panel, and slab doors all can be used successfully.

  • Door materials range from wood and painted to laminate and thermafoil.

  • Clear glass doors allow luxurious personal treasures to be displayed.

Graphic design elements such as hand-carved wood features may be used alongside chrome furniture legs.

​Help is close at hand !

Technology and the advent of Home and Garden media has made project planning that much easier. Help is as close as a click of a button or a flip of a page. Nothing, however replaces the personalized service of a design professional.


  • Magazines and Home and Garden Television Programs:  Supermarkets, bookstores, and libraries have a wealth of fine magazines which boast both the classic cabinetry designs and the latest trends. Delight your senses by flipping through a few. Likewise, the latest and greatest in cabinetry design can be seen on Home and Garden shows.

  • Your design professional:  A qualified and experienced designer is invaluable in assisting you to hone in on your personal style. They will walk you through popular looks and materials until you find the look you most desire.

  • Our website:  We have designed this website to assist you in your journey towards a new space. We hope you gain clarity from the information, and inspiration from the gallery of beautifully planned rooms.


Whether you find your taste favors the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design, the character and warmth of traditional spaces, or something in between, United Kitchen & Bath is sure to have cabinetry that reflects your unique style.


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